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General Facts for Kids


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Snow goggles snow-goggles-314.jpg 77.jpg clothing_snowgoggles.jpg


Housing - Inuits live in igloos in the winter.
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255h4.jpg igloo_land.jpg igloo-2.jpg igloo-bw.jpg
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  • 10-minute video of How to Build an Igloo (starts with a commercial)
  • Build an igloo out of plastic milk jugs 168251736048388435_NlALb4tn_b.jpg

Inuits live in tents in the summer.
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summerhunting.jpg shelter_tent_group.jpg

  • Umiaks are large open boats used for transportation.
wau03_3a.gif180px-Umiak_racers.jpg umiak.jpg transport_umiak.jpg transport_umiak_build.jpg
  • A kayak is a light canoe that carries a single person and is made for hunting. It was made by stretching skins over wooden frames.
lc_inuithunt_sm.jpg kayak1.jpg transport_kayak_men.jpg
  • Snowshoes
inuit-snow-shoes_2152.jpg 1994-361.jpg
  • Dog sleds

Inuit diet is almost entirely meat. They hunt..
  • polar bears

polarbear.jpg polar-bears.jpg pbears.jpg
  • walrus

180px-Noaa-walrus30.jpg Walrus.gif walrusface1.jpg
  • seals

NewbornSeal.jpg Northernfurseal.gif animal_seal_harbour.jpg
  • caribou

carib2.jpg photo_caribou.jpganimal_caribou_winter.jpg

  • musk-oxen

mox.jpg mox2.jpg Ovibos_moschatus.jpg
  • artic hares

Arctichare.gif hare_hansa.jpg ahareSS.jpg
  • whales

  • cod

180px-Arctic_cod.jpg arc_cod.jpg boreogadussaida_3.jpg
  • salmon

  • narwhal

courtesy_whale_release_and_stranding_group_thumbnail.jpg main_whales.jpg animal_narwhal.jpg
  • guillemots

BLGuillemot%20(135).jpg Arctic%20Guillemot%20U_a_hyperborea%205411619%2019032004%20Scheveningen.jpg Arctic%20Guillemot%20U_a_hyperborea%20upperparts%2019032004%20Scheveningen.jpg
All parts of the animals are used for food, clothing and shelter.theinuitint.jpg food_muktuk.jpg

Ice fishing fish_ice.jpg man_netsilik_icefishing.jpg

An Inuksuk is a stone landmark. In artic regions, there are few natural landmarks. so the people needed landmarks to know where they were as they trekked across the snow and ice, in search of food. So, the early people made landmarks out of piles of stones. You could see them from some distance away. they were a form of communication. A particular design might tell a good place to fish ro others would alert to hiddden storages of food.


Scrimshaw was a famous technique used by the Inuits. The inuits engraved pictures that told stories in ivory and then rubbed the carvings with lampblack.
  • scrimshaw.jpg



Poems and Stories

Inuit, Inuit
Inuit, Inuit we're learning about you,
The way you hunt and live
And the things that you do!
Inuit, Inuit where do you live?
We live in the Artic where it's cold.
That's where we live.
Inuit, Inuit what kind of home do you have?
We have tents in the summer
And igloos in the winter.
That's what kind of homes we have.
Inuit, Inuit what do you eat?
We eat fish, seals, caribou, and other sea mammals.
That's what we eat.
Inuit, Inuit what do you wear?
We wear coats made of animal skin, snow boots,
Parka and snow goggles.
That's what we wear.
Inuit, Inuit, how do you travel?
We use kayaks, umiaks and dog sleds.
That's how we travel.
Inuit, Inuit we're learning about you.
The way you hunt and live
And the things that you do!

To the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"
I'm a little Inuit
On the go
Here is my arrow (pull arrow from pouch)
Here is my bow (pull string on bow)
When I go out hunting
Here me shout - (hands around mouth
Caribou, Musk Ox

Chets Creek 5th Grade Projects

Inuit: Chets Creek Pow Wow
Non-fiction Writing

Chets Creek Inuit Cardboard People
Chets Creek Inuit Family Igloos
Inuit at Chets Creek Pow Wow
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