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untitled.png Knots on a Counting Rope which is a homework assignment during this unit is the story of a blind Iroquois boy!

General Facts for Kids
  • Iroquois used all parts of the animals that they killed. They used the bones to make necklaces and tools. They used stones and bones to make arrows. They used the skins to make their houses and clothes. They tried to use every part of the animal, because they knew that the animals could go away and they did not want to waste anything.
  • Iroquois lived in longhouses. Lots of families lived in each longhouse. The family's clan symbol was placed in the front on their longhouse. Longhouses were made from trees and the bark of trees.
  • Iroquois did not go to school like us. They stayed at home and learned from their parents. Boys learned from the other men how to kill animals and make tools. The girls learned from the women how to cook and clean animals.
  • Iroquois played sports. They had running competitions, and played lacrosse. They used a long stick with a net on the end. It was used to throw a ball. People still play lacrosse today!

General Information

Clothing iroquoisclothingformenandwomen.jpg indianleathermoccasinsnativeleatherandfurclothingiroquoismasks.jpg mohawk1.jpgmohawk6.jpgiroq1.gifMIKE.jpg region5a.gif IROQUOISMONTAGE1.jpg iroquois-tribe-1.jpg

Wampum are beads made from various white and purple mollusk shells. They were used to write a message or tell a story by the Iroquois.

belt.jpg SuperStock_1095-189.jpg tekeniteiohate1.jpg alyssawampum.jpg wamhiaw.jpg WAMPUM.jpg

The gustoweh cap is a formal feathered skullcap used only by Iroquois men. The big eagle feathers on top of the cap to show which tribe the man belonged.
cayuga.gif mohawk.gif onandaga.gif oneida.gif seneca.gif

iroq2.gif covervillage.gif

Housing The Iroquois people were given the name “Hodenosaunee” by the French means “People Of Longhouse."

barkhouse4.jpg Longhouse.jpg th (12).jpg th (8).jpg th (14).jpg th (15).jpglonghouseslg.jpglonghousesmoke1.jpgcayuga4.jpg

longhouse1.jpg250px-Theiroquoislonghouse.png 84fa53c8476e16f8.jpg 3577bb883c1a8b7c.jpg 31071192.jpg45168_long_house_lg.gif th (16).jpg th (17).jpga1196i0_bla.jpg longhse.jpg 100_0546.jpgprint2sm.jpgfigure14sm.jpg
slide5sm.jpg a9cb0754e72179e4.jpglonghouse2.jpglonghouse%20inside.jpg
figure3interiorlg.gif print4sm.jpg Longhouse_Bed.jpg th (5).jpg1ae8401ee2abe828.jpg
  • Paper%20Longhouses.jpgA longhouse kit to put together
  • A video, America's First Nations: Long Houses, which includes excellent footage of the long house with explanation of the clans, Iroquois hunting, Iroquois game much like lacrosse, and women tending the fields of the three sisters (video begins with a commercial).

birch bark canoes picc12.jpg th (2).jpg th (1).jpg

Foodiroquois4.jpg growingfieldspansm.jpg

"The Three Sisters": Corn, Beans, Squash
iroqcorn.gif 3sisters.jpg easter5.jpg
nagarden.jpg threesister.gif th.jpg

th (3).jpg th (4).jpg

Music and Dance

nofacedoll2.jpg dols.gif nofacedoll1.jpg iroquois2.jpg
The Legend: The three sisters of the Iroquois are Corn, Beans and Squash. In the beginning, the Corn spirit asked the Creator for more ways to help her people. So the Creator began forming a doll from her husks, creating for it a beautiful face, and giving it to the children of the Iroquois. But the doll, as it passed from child to child, continually proclaimed her beauty, until she became so vain that the Creator was upset with her. If she continued, the Creator warned, he would have to punish her.
The doll agreed, and attempted to be more humble. But one day, walking by a creek, she glanced into the water and stopped to admire the beauty of her reflection. The Creator sent a giant screech owl down from the sky to snatch her reflection from the water. When she then glanced into the water again to admire her beauty, her reflection was gone. She could no longer see her beautiful face.
Ever since, when an Iroquois mother gives a doll to her child, she usually gives a doll with no face, and tells the legend of the Corn-Husk doll.

Songs, Poems, Activities

(sing to the tune of "Jingle Bells")
Iroquois, Iroquois
What did Indians eat?
They ate corn and beans and squash
"Three Sisters" garden fe-ast
Iroquois, Iroquois
What did Indians eat?
They ate corn and beans and squash
"Three Sisters" garden fe-ast

(Keep the steady beat by beating on the floor as if it is a drum as you say each line)
What did the Iroquois eat?
What did the Iroquois eat?
Iroquois ate corn, bean and squash.
Iroquois ate corn, bean and squash.
Iroquois ate corn, bean and squash.
That's what the Iroquois ate.

Where did the Iroquois live?
Where did the Iroquois live?
Iroquois lived in longhouses.
Iroquois lived in longhouses.
Iroquois lived in longhouses.
that's where the Iroquois lived.

What did the Iroquois hunt?
what did the Iroquois hunt?
Iroquois hunted bears and deer.
Iroquois hunted bears and deer.
Iroquois hunted bears and deer.
That's what the Iroquois hunt.

What did the Iroquois wear?
What did the Iroquois wear?
Iroquois wore wampum belts.
Iroquois wore wampum belts.
Iroquois wore wampum belts.
That's what Iroquois wore.

Chets Creek 5th Grade Projects
  • 2009Untitled-10.jpg 2013Pow Wow 021.JPG

Iroquois: Chets Creek Pow Wow
  • Chets Creek Iroquois Cardboard People
IMG_1594.JPG IMG_1595.JPG

  • Iroquois at Chets Creek Pow Wow
  • 2013IMG_1598.JPGIMG_1596.JPGIroquois turtle (1).jpgDSC_0658.JPG

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